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Stop letting anxiety prevent you from reaching your goals. Like stress, it can show up in many ways and can sometimes be hard to identify. We’ve all been there, though – not starting a project because we think it won’t be good enough or not speaking up for fear of being rejected. In this course, you will learn both short-term and long-term solutions that will propel you to the next level along with ways to successfully manage those feelings of uncertainty when they arise. Click the link to begin!

This Course Covers:

✔ Practices to focus on mindfulness and living in the present moment, rather than obsessing over the future (anxiety).
✔ Determining your anxiety triggers and ways to manage them.
✔ Methods for tracking the state of your mental health in a practical way.
✔ Learn about the amygdala and how to override triggers that lead to the production of cortisol – known as the “stress hormone”.
✔ Breathing exercises and mantras to reduce your anxiety and help to prevent panic attacks.
✔ Learn to focus on your overall holistic health, and teach your mind, body, and soul to respond.

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