Learn About Stress At Work

Course Description

Stop stress in its tracks by dealing with the root cause. It’s no secret that stress can manifest itself in multiple ways – some of which may be surprising to you. You may feel uneasy about a presentation, or can’t sleep because you think that you won’t meet a deadline. In this course, you will learn to differentiate the types of stress and how to manage them. Stress is inevitable, but it doesn’t have to hold you back. Click the link to begin. 

This Course Covers:

✔ Naming stress – determining what is truly stressful to you.
✔ Learn how to categorize your stress based on what is and isn’t within your control.
✔ Determine the best ways to plan and prepare for everyday stressors.
✔ Discuss the difference between anxiety and stress.
✔ Practice methods to be less reactive and more proactive when dealing with stressful situations.
✔ How to disconnect from less productive behaviors and the addictions of modern-day technology.

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