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Think back to your most recent thought about yourself. Was it something kind and encouraging or was it something negative? Did you know the answer you gave is a reflection of your current mental health state? Take control of your mental health by learning the importance of both ‘place’ and ‘purpose.’ You deserve to take up space and feel comfortable in the skin you are in. This course will provide you with the tools needed to fully embrace the intricacies of your mind and body. Click the link to begin!

This Course Covers:

✔ Identifying your current level of mental health.
✔ Positive self-talk exercises to improve emotional resilience.
✔ How to determine (and achieve) personal mental health challenges.
✔ Developing more healthy points of view and avoiding unhelpful/unproductive negativity.
✔ Discuss the importance of physical activity in order to moderate stress levels and improve mental health.
✔ Identifying healthy and holistic growth opportunities.
✔ Ways to engage with friends and coworkers in order to create healthy connections.

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